Microbiological determinations could be aimed to highlight the contaminants present in the sample or to assess the different substances used to eliminate or reduce the microbial loads, such as preservatives, antibiotics.

Pharmaceutical and Cell Microbiology

Qualitative and quantitative studies of microbiological loads of products. Preservative efficacy of disinfectants, etc.

Water Microbiology

Microbiological quality of purified water, highly purified water and bottled drinking water, wastewater, swimming pools, etc. Identification of contaminants.

Microbiology for Sanitary Products

Bioburden determination, sterility testing, parametric release, validation of sterilisation processes.

Microbiology for Cosmetics

Rating microbial loads, preservative efficacy (Test of Challenger), determination of specific microorganisms.

Microbiology for Disinfectants and Antiseptics

Determination of fungicidal and bactericidal activity. With and without interfering substances. In use (UNE, ISO, AFNOR).

Potency of Antibiotics

Determination of the potency of an antibiotic for its use. This test can be performed at multiple concentrations in order to determine the minimum effective concentration.

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